Bend to Redmond Safety Improvements

The US 97 corridor between Bend and Redmond is very straight and driveway density is highest in the transition sections from rural to urban areas into Bend and Redmond. By using Highway Safety Manual crash prediction methods, Kittelson completed benefit-cost analysis to prioritize projects based on expected cost-effectiveness and ability to reduce fatal and severe injury crashes. This information was presented in the US 97 Safety Assessment and contributed to ODOT receiving funding to implement the improvements.

OR 214 Pedestrian Crossing

OR 214 (Hillsboro-Silverton Highway) runs north/south through the City of Silverton, OR. Jefferson Street intersects the highway at the north end of Silverton and is the most direct route from residential development on the east side of the highway to Silverton High School on the west side of the highway. However, pedestrians needed a safer way to cross the highway. 

Andrew Thompson

Andrew is an Engineering Associate with eight years of experience delivering projects focused on innovative and multimodal design. Andrew has designed, reviewed, and delivered over…

A Detailed Online Guide to the MUTCD

The site helps practitioners effectively use the MUTCD in the design, selection, placement, and operation of traffic control devices and helps attorneys understand the role of the MUTCD in tort liability cases.

ADA Curb Ramp Design and Construction

Due to loose guidance in the construction stage, conflicting requirements between design and construction, and tight metrics for judging compliance of the constructed ramp, many curb ramps are not ADA compliant. As a result, agencies are looking for ways to streamline design efforts to rework curb ramps en masse.

Transportation Analyst

Kittelson & Associates has an immediate opening in Miami for a transportation analyst to support traffic operations projects including safety analysis, traffic engineering studies (e.g., signal…

6 Tools for Data-Driven Decision Making

Read examples from seven transportation agencies who have tapped into data and built tools and dashboards that make decision-making on projects quicker, easier, and more informed.

Traffic Operations Engineer

Kittelson & Associates has an immediate opening in Orlando for a traffic engineer/analyst to support and lead projects for freeway corridors (including managed lanes), interchanges,…

Alex Gonzales

Alex works with the Kittelson communication team in content strategy for both Kittelson and our clients. She uses her storytelling skills, trend awareness, and communication…

Office Administrator

Kittelson has an immediate opening for an Office Administrator in our Portland, Oregon office.   YOU ARE: an experienced, engaging administrator with a people-first mindset,…

Allston-Brighton Mobility Study

Boston’s Allston-Brighton neighborhood has experienced rapid growth in new residential, commercial, and institutional development. While this development adds vibrancy and economic opportunity to the neighborhood, it also raises questions about how the existing multimodal transportation system will accommodate existing and planned development.